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Other Books by Lambert Lilly

Welcome to the first Antique Book put on the Web!
Courtesy Robert Thibadeau of the Universal Library Project at Carnegie Mellon University. We also thank Evan Benoit who was the first Antique Book bookmaster. Without the able scanning and programming work of Evan Benoit, Antique Books would not have come to be.

The following pages contain the full content of "The History of New England", published in 1847, which was written as part of a series designed to introduce people to the history of America.

While the much of its content is of questionable truth, it is, by its nature, a valuable insight into the beliefs of the day. At the same time, it is a lively narrative, which we hope you will find enjoyable.

The book is presented using techniques which allow for full color reading with minimum download time.

Just select "Begin Reading" to enter the world, 170 years ago!

Reader Comments
  • Robert Thibadeau
    "A good read"

  • Mike Maus
    "Looks old, reads well -- nice job!"

  • Armand Villemont
    "excellent concept, beautifully executed!"

  • Mike Witzel, author

  • dwortman@csulbedu
    "This a wonderful combination of the future and the past Some day people like you will open doors that will make all knowledge in all fields open to all people."

  • anthony tanner
    "This will be extremely useful to scholars who need to examine original works"

  • Joe Stokes
    "An excellent effort and we really look forward to more speed Thanks"

  • martin knight

  • gary daily
    "Thanks for the hard work I have only had time to peruse the table of Contents and read over the witchcraft section. I will be sending my students to this material."

  • Salvatore Fucarino
    "very excellent"

  • Liz MacEachern
    "Great idea! I would love to see a book called Cogswells In America On -Line sometime "

  • Yamamoto
    "Looks nice"

  • William Adams
    "Well worth the 65 minutes"

  • Bill Peterson
    "Thanks! Reads great"

  • Ahn Shinguk
    "It was a great experience to read that"

  • Damian
    "Gorge Wasington"

  • aska

  • Ken Lewis
    "Great; "

  • Terry Milner
    "A very interesting book"

    "LOOKS OLD "

  • Salu
    "Does it violate "Copyrights"? Please comment? : No, any book published before 1923 is in the public domain."

  • susan lee

  • Tyrone Frey
    "I liked the narritive, but the validity of the history is very questionable"

  • Busakorn Royboon
    "thank you"

  • damanhuri
    "very good"

    "it gives me a new insight"

  • Jan Turner
    "I think that the book is very interesting, however it has been quite difficult for me to get the "page turner" part to work Perhaps it is this old machine that I am using while my good one is in the shop! I plan to check you out again when I get my other machine back." -- You have to have cookies turned on or the page turner doesn't work. This just keeps track of your current page.

  • D Webster
    "This is a wonderful idea It preserves the original and allows others to read it without damaging it by the use. Are there other links of this nature that can be added to your site? The material content is refreshing to read as well. It gives an account of history that isn't muttled with todays political correctness and portrays true religion as a pursuit and normal part of every day life."

  • Riccardo Cariaggi
    "Very interesting book easy to read and know the origines of USA,"

  • Dolores Ball
    "The book is interesting and I feel privilaged to be able to get a chance to read it and intend to come back when I have the time to sit down and read it instead of a quick peek Thank you for giving this chance to all of us who apperciate the written word."

  • Glenda Nothnagle
    "Wonderful information, thanks"

  • Patrick McDonald
    "Excellent! Many thanks for putting this book online"

  • Marty Lineen
    "bent4500@aolcom Aug 23 2002 Great!"

  • Christine
    "This is about a line of my family---Thank you so much-I will be back to finish it "

  • tranhahai
    "it's the best books i've ever read"
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