Selections from
Poor Richard's Almanac

By Ben Franklin

The Century Company
1898 Edition
with original 1733 Facsimile
Since 1995
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These selections contain much of the famous wit and wisdom of Ben Franklin.
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    "Greats! But how much money costs the CD-ROM with this book on it? (the downloading time is very high to me) -- answer: see 'adopt a book'"

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    "I loved it! Thanx!"

  • Andrew L Weitz, Ph.D., Esq.
    "Excellent idea, this library I would like to see it expanded. However, there is still nothing like the feel of a fine book in one's hands. The history and wisdom in the pages does not lie solely in the words thereon. - answer: nobody said the real book isn't better ... we are trying to make the paper more valuable!"

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  • Angie
    "It's to explain the joy the book brought to me!"

  • Joe Shome
    "I thought the book was good to okay or something like that it wasn't all that or anything"


  • keo
    "It's perfect! It's great for research"

  • ed isabella
    "If Poor Richard were alive today Franklin's on the $100 for good reason. Thanks"

  • chris
    "Very well done! I am very impressed!"

  • Girl
    "Great for my report"

  • kev
    "interesting edition, thanks"

  • D_Dubs
    "It was a verry interesting book and it was full of usefull knowledge thanks"

  • school girl
    "This story changed my life forever! thank you!"

  • school girl 2
    "i loved the book it was the best book i've ever read"

  • amy
    "a beautifle peace of litriture"

  • readerfinnatic
    "i really liked the book, i thought it was very good and i really liked it"

  • The Geat Bangaboo
    "Yay! IT's Intriguing"

  • Cheese
    "It's a great information tool to help with school projects"

  • boris bosnjak
    "I thank you very much for providing this great aphorism from Ben Franklin"

  • Daniel Fahlgren
    "This is wonderful Thank you for making this great work available."

  • Jack Stone
    "It was an amazing read and full of interesting saying nstuff"

  • goirish
    "i havent read it yet"

  • Quan

  • Matt Lingafelt
    "It is a great piece of work I love it!!!"

  • Jeanne

  • renee
    "wonderful, will be sharing with my students"

  • BB
    "I like it when the dog dies from scurvey"

  • cheese2
    "this was so great one of the best i have ever read"

  • English teacher
    "Thank you for creating such a wonderful resource I am going to share this with my students."

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    "Muy bueno, muy bueno"

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    "It touched me very well It got to me"

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    "This is really great!"

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    "Wow AWESOME boook"

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    "need to download for free"

  • ben franklin

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    "man i love himhe is great"

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    "Loved it More, more."

  • dave the donkey
    "love it!"

  • Benjamin Franklin
    "I Just Love My Book!!!"

  • amber
    "great book for the world"
  • Ray
    "It was really good except for the educational part!"

  • Vanessa
    "Loved It!!!!!!!!!!!!"

  • ana
    "it was so great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

  • Conrad
    "Greatest book of my life, it has changed me"

    "truth is timeless"

  • Dianna Alexandra Wasylyk
    "I got an A+ on my report!!! :) thanks!!!!!!!"

  • mik
    "yo sup dog!"

  • playperson92
    "the book is the next american idol"

  • JimmyD
    "Thanks for sharing a time capsule"

  • Sadao Ohata

  • ania
    "Just loved it I want more! (*_*)"

  • AJ.
    "You should've written more!"

  • mem
    "came across an 1898 copy, loved it, wonder what price it goes for , fair condition Thanks for response"

  • schu

  • poop

  • amber
    "who was Poor Richard??"

  • Keosha Ingram
    "I really like this book because he gives you quotes about life and how you can used them toward your situation!!!!!!!!!"

  • mary
    "it's cool like this one if you were to be forgotten when you are dead and rotten then write stuff worth reading or do stuff worth the writing"

  • blondecheerleader
    "um, i cant read it, it like put me to sleep the first page"

  • sini
    "great! wonderful to read helped alot of project even if it was long"

  • funny girl
    ""COOL I GUESS""

  • Martha

  • walter
    "franklin had a fur hat on what a comedian."

  • douglas
    "this is the best fucking Almanack ever"

  • me
    "the website with the book was good only one i could find with the wit and wisdom reiddles i needed for school"

  • Teacher
    "This was very useful for my students! Thanks!"

  • Lizzie
    "I found this book rather interesting Well, not really interesting, but moral. The things it teaches are so simple, and yet some people are still immoral. Don't be racist."

  • chris crawford
    "i loved it great writing"

  • Titang Mupp
    "I have never read a more amazing book in my entir life It brought back the legacy of Benjy Franklin. It was very moral, and was extremely fopfull and was filled with great ohuwops"

  • jr
    "entertaining and funny , yet inspiring"

  • Ez

  • Ez

  • Ahmad Shahrir Baharuddin, Malaysia
    "Amazinga very inspiring one !"

  • RE.M.
    "freakin' sweet"

  • Adrian Hakimi Don
    "I like to read It !"

  • Asma Love Adrian ..
    "Happy Live Ever After"

  • A reader
    "This is a great book! Wish to report a small problem I had: I wasn't able to look at pages 134-35, it just shows blank pages Thanks for taking the trouble to make this book available on the net."

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