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have dark amber eyes, dark liver nose, lips, and toe-nails. The Blue Poodle should be of even colour, and have dark eyes, lips, and toe-nails. All the other points of White, Red, and Blue Poodles should be the same as the perfect Black Poodle.

N.B.-It is strongly recommended that only one-third of the body be clipped or shaved, and that the hair on the forehead be left on.


THE Schipperke may fitly be described as the Paul Pry of canine society. His insatiate inquisitiveness induces him to poke his nose into everything ; every strange object excites his curiosity, and he will, if possible, look behind it ; the slightest noise arouses his attention, and he wants to investigate its cause. There is no end to his liveliness, but he moves about with almost catlike agility without upsetting any objects in a room, and when he hops he has a curious way of catching up his hind legs. The Schipperke's disposition is most affectionate, tinged with a good deal of jealousy, and even when made one of the household he generally attaches himself more particularly to one person, whom he " owns," and whose protection he deems his special duty.

These qualities endear the Schipperke as a canine companion, with a quaint and lovable character ; and he is also a capital vermin dog. When properly entered he cannot be surpassed as a "ratter."

Schipperkes have always been kept as watch-dogs on the Flemish canal barges, and that, no doubt, is the origin of the name, which is the Flemish for " Little Skipper," the syllable " ke " forming the diminutive of " schipper."

The respectable antiquity of this dog is proved by the result of the researches Mr. Van der Snickt and Mr. Van Buggenhoudt made in the archives of Flemish towns, which contain records of the breed going back in pure type over a hundred years.

The first Schipperke which appeared at a show in this country was Mr. Berrie's Flo. This was, however, such a mediocre specimen that it did not appeal to the taste of the English


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