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Of course, there are many incidental details which are factors, and which are liable to some slight change from time to time. The silk hat, for example, although looked upon with favour to-day, may be considered absurd ten years hence. An avoidance of extremes in all such trifles will keep one within limits for many a long day.

One occasionally sees an equipage belonging to elderly people ; the carriage evidently an old one, but in good condition and on good lines ; the servants respectable-looking men past middle age ; the horses sleek and well cared for, and possibly adorned with flowing tails-the whole effect savouring of what one might call the days gone by. Such an establishment is in far better form for its purpose than one which shows in its every detail that it has but recently come into existence.

It is unfortunate that we have so few examples of this type in America, but the fact is, very few of our coach-builders of a past generation approached the foreign-built carriages in design, so that almost all the good carriages of that period were imported, and the importations were not numerous; besides which, the then condition, of our roads and streets was not favourable to heavy vehicles.

Young people, of course, must be equally consistent, and select carriages somewhat suited to their years.

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