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guish between the good and the bad in carriage designing.

A well-made harness is often spoiled by excessive ornamentation-gorgeous monograms or crests covering every available surface. Oftentimes the same decorations reduced one half in size would look perfectly proper.

For wet-weather driving, the smartest possible liarness is made of black leather throughout, with the metal parts covered. Of' course, such a harness as this must be well designed and appropriately used.

Good liveries are essential to a well-appointed equipage ; and yet no department is as much neglected in this country. When one has seen the same carriage, well turned out in other respects, either improved or ruined by smart or slouchy servants, lie will appreciate the point.

The very position of the servants contributes largely toward the general finish. Put a slouchy mustached coachman on the box of the best generally appointed carriage procurable, and its good points go for naught. No private coachman wears a mustache or beard, and the presence of such can invariably be considered an indication of ignorance of his calling. Such a man may be a good strapper, and in a general-utility place might be satisfactory ; but he should never be employed as a coachman.

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