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It will often be found well to station the horses along the thirty-mile route as follows

Home stable    ti horses.

First change    Fi

Second change   cc

Third change   0

Fourth change   5 u

Fifth change   I   cc


This will allow the running of the horses two days on and one clay off in all the teams but the last. The object iii keeping one horse at the end of the route is obvious, for it is never safe to put tip without an extra horse at hand. The first week or ten days, it' the travel is heavy, will tell on all the horses, but after that with good care they will steadily improve. After a month or so much of the amusement will be gone, for the horses will probably know the road so Nvell as to deed comparatively little driving.

Some of the methods advised iii this chapter may with perfect propriety be varied to suit the opinion of an expert, but the novice will do well to experiment thoroughly before challenging them on his own responsibility. Road coaching is like vachtirng, for nlaiiv of the co(/1iosccntl differ iii their system, while some have no system at all. Query : 1)o the latter ever ,get to the front ? It seemed well, howwever, to put forward

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