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THERE are a great many minor details, mere trifles in themselves, and of no moment as far as labour and expense are concerned, which go far toward giving the stable that finish and smartness so much sought after by those who take an interest in such matters.

Even a most commonplace interior, by a judicious use of a few yards of an inexpensive material and solile nails, can be made to appear well cared for; and a few days' work by a carpenter will make the roughest barn look quite workmanlike inside.

The steels, whips, horse boots, etc., by a little taste in arrangement may be made really decorative ; and the horse clothing-, carriage rugs, and aprons all do their part when properly disposed.

Straw mats, which can be rolled up at night, either made by the servant or purchased at the feed store, together with some white sea sand, give character to ,any stable. An occasional stencil of coloured paints

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