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who wishes to work to the top of the ladder himself, to employ a smart, keen man of this type, for, though together they may make mistakes, the pleasure of acquiring knowledge of one's own experience is sufficient compensation.

It is a curious fact that many of the men employed as coachmen have not the faintest conception of what the word means in its full sense. For example, no good coachman, amateur or professional, will ever lounge on his box, and nothing will show a man's ignorance sooner than such behaviour. A welltrained and self-respecting servant will never smoke on one of his employer's vehicles when in livery (either stable or dress).

All these little things go to show the stamp of the man ; and though many err simply through ignorance of the proprieties and with no intention of being insolent (which is the only term for either of the performances above mentioned), the fact of their so doing shows at once the amount of training they have had. So it is right through the list, for in numberless little ways the gold can be distinguished from the dross, and almost at first glance.

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