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UNDER this head may be said to come the amateur coachman, professional coachman, and body or private coachman. The amateur coachman " is a term known to all. The so-called "professional coachman" is one who, having graduated from the lower schools, makes a business of breaking in horses to the nicer harness work and of instructing in driving, etc. (this term may be equally well applied to head coachmen generally).   '

The body or private head coachman is the one with whom we have first to deal, and it is doubtful if there are twenty-five men in America to-day to whom the term can be rightly applied.

There are, of course, a great many men who consider themselves coachmen who, though they may be qualified to fill the positions they occupy, have not had the opportunities of learning the nice points of their profession. These men should be considered as undercoachmen, and not confused with the finished masters of their art.



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