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endless coachmaker's bill, causing much annoyance ; whereas, if his part of the work had been properly understood and attended to, this would have been in a

oreat measure obviated.

It is much the same in the care of harness. One man will keep a harness in Good condition for five or six years, while another will ruin it in six months. Never allow the use of any harness polish or varnish, unless on a very old harness, for there is no better way of taking the heart out of the leather. A blacking or composition should be used which has considerable oil in it, and is applied moist and polished with the combination of elbow-grease and a brush. The application of beeswax is also beneficial. The same criticisms as to care, etc., may be made with regard to the saddles, bridles, steels, breeches, boots, etc. It should be remembered that while one coachman who really understands these duties and attends to. them properly is well worth good wages, for he is an economy to his employer, another, through his ignorance, may be an extravagance at half the money.

The photographs of stable interiors which are given here show good examples of neatly kept establishments. Plate XLI V shows a harness room in a stable in which only one man is kept ; but that man is an excellent one, who has been for many years in his place, and has had



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