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MANY of the carriages illustrated here are of distinctly English origin, and, in consequence, their admirers are charged with Anglomaniacism.

Is it not absurd that persons should exist in this nineteenth century so narrow-minded as to deny the presence of good in anything foreign ?

Our English cousins have considered the subject of equipage for years, and have achieved many practical results. England and France have until recently surpassed all other countries in the construction and production of carriages. It is therefore quite right and proper for us to profit as far as possible by their experience, to the extent of reproducing such vehicles as may be useful and practical.

It seems probable that America will before long be foremost in the driving world. Her builders are fully equal, if not superior, to those on the other side of the water. The native woods are the best procurable, and if it were not for the high cost of production the importation of foreign-made carriages would be practically nil.


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