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The Prougkam.

This carriage is the most practical and the most generally used of all town carriages. It is the only closed carriage which looks well with one horse and one servant, and when turned out with a pair of horses of a suitable size, with either one or two servants, it may be made to look really smart.

Invented, as it was, in 1839 by Lord Chancellor Brougham, from whom its name was derived, it has been ever since that time the one carriage patronized by all conditions of men and woolen, because of its usefulness and effect.

The early broughams were built to hold two persons only, and were afterward extended to accommodate four. At the present day the brougham for two passengers is the most generally used and is the best in appearance ; but the so-called extension brou ;ham is perfectly correct and a useful carriage, especially where there is a family of children.

As S. Sidney says, in chronicling their history

They rapidly came into use in the highest circles, when the fairest of the fair discovered that the windows presented charniiiig portraits, and that, low hung on wheels, they had all the advantages of the curricle

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