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So-called Cabriolet (Plate XCL)

The name cabriolet belongs properly to the twowheeled carriage much used in England in days gone by, and shown in Plate LXXX.

For some unknown reason the term cabriolet has been applied by our carriagebuilders in recent years to a carriage which one might term a modification of the victoria. This carriage, although lacking the dignity and grace of the victoria, is a practical one, as it admits of turning out with the simplicity of the brougham, and can therefore very properly be used by a woman for shopping, etc., when she wishes to be out in the open air.

The whole treatment with regard to harness and appointments is identical with that of the brougham. The carriage shown happens to be lined with a light material, which is to a great extent a matter of taste. Plain morocco simply and practically fastened is, however, most to be recommended for both these carriages.

It may be said that a miniature eight or C " spring victoria turned out in the same manner is handsomer, more comfortable, and equally appropriate.

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