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reason it should be turned out as plainly as possible to avoid criticism.

Pole chains should be used in place of pole pieces, and the lamps should be carried inside.

For country use, where it is often necessary to drive long distances over heavy roads, an adjustment of two poles, so that three horses can be driven abreast, is very practical.

The baggage rail on the roof adds greatly to the usefulness of the carriage, as it enables one frequently to dispense with the services of a baggage wagon.

Hungarian Phaeton (Plate C).

Up to the present time this carriage has not been used in America, but it is so attractive in design that we have illustrated it, thinking it might find some admirer who would care to have it reproduced.


Road Wagon.

The road wagon (Plate CV), light four-wheeled dogcart (Plate CVII), surrey (Plate CVIII), and possibly the lady's phaeton (Plate CIX) and extension top phaeton (Plate CX), are properly turned out with trotting



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