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252 My Brother Theodore Roosevelt



Mahan: Sea Power. Macaulay: History.


Poems. Homer: Iliad.


La Chanson de Roland. Nibelungenlied.

Carlyle: Frederick the Great. Shelley: Poems. Bacon: Essays. Lowell: Literary Essays.

Biglow Papers. Emerson: Poems. Longfellow. Tennyson.

Poe: Tales.



Milton: Paradise Lost (Books I and II). Dante: Inferno (Carlyle's translation). Holmes: Autocrat.

Over the Teacups. Bret Harte: Poems.

Tales of the Argonauts.

Luck of Roaring Camp. Browning: Selections.

Crothers: Gentle Reader.

Pardoner's Wallet. Mark Twain: Huckleberry Finn.

Tom Sawyer.

The Federalist.

Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress. Froissart.

Gregorovius: Rome. Percy's Reliques.

Euripides (Murray's translation):


Hippolytus. Scott: Legend of Montrose.


Home Life in the White House 253

Guy Mannering. Rob Roy.

Cooper: Two Admirals.

Pilot. Dickens: Pickwick.

Mutual Friend. Thackeray: Vanity Fair.


The famous pigskin library, carried on the back of "burros," followed him into the jungles of Africa, and was his constant companion at the end of long days during which he had slain the mighty beasts of the tangled forests.

Immediately after that happy week at the White House, I was stricken by a great sorrow, the death of my youngest son by an accident. My brother came to me at once, and sustained me as no one else could have done, and his one idea during those next weeks was to make me realize his constant thought and love, even in the midst of those thrilling last days at the White House, when among other events he welcomed home the great fleet which had completed its circle of the world.

A few days before the death of my boy, and immediately after that enchanting last visit to the house we had learned to regard as Theodore's natural home, he wrote me the last letter I received from him dated from the White House. It was written February iq, igoq:

"Darling Corinne: Just a line to tell you what I have already told you, of how we shall always think of you and thank you when we draw on the `Pigskin Library' in Africa. It was too dear of you to give it to me. That last night was the pleasantest function we had ever held at the White House, and I am so glad that you and Douglas were there. Tell Douglas he cannot imagine how I have enjoyed the rides with him." The above was typewritten, but inserted in his own handwriting at the end of the note were the characteristic lines: "You blessed person. I have revelled in having you down here. T. R."

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