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immoderately at the numbers of repeaters. One man, however, having apparently approached the booth from curiosity, said "it wasn't worth it." The indignation of the crowd was so great that immediately there were volunteers to pay for three and four extra hand-shakes to shame the delinquent !

Shortly before that, a friend of Colonel John W. Vrooman's wrote to him about a certain meeting at the Union League Club called to witness a send-off to some of the soldiers. The writer says:

"The moment Colonel Roosevelt appeared on the reviewing stand he was recognized and the vicinity of the Club was in an uproar. Later on when visiting a party in the private dining room, he had only been in the room about three minutes when he was recognized by the girls and boys who were looking at the review from a building on the opposite side of the street. Just to show you how he reaches the heart of the people, they cheered and waved at him until his attention was attracted and he had to go to the window and salute them. Although he was an hour and a half in conversation in the club, he did not forget his little friends across the way but on leaving, went to the window and waved goodbye to them. Every youngster present will relate this incident, I am sure, for a long time to come. In leaving the Club house, he was set upon, it seemed to me, by the youngsters of the East Side so that he had to beg his way through the crowd that had been waiting in the rain three hours just to see him, and in getting into the automobile, they appeared to an on-looker to be clambering all over him, and I would not be surprised if he carried a few of them away in his pockets as he carried most of their little hearts with him."

In the midst of all the excitement, we occasionally snatched a moment for a quiet luncheon. "Fine!" he writes me on November 5. "Yes,-Thursday,-the Langdon at 1: 30. It will be fine to see Patty Selmes." How he did enjoy seeing our mutual friend Patty Selmes that day! As "Patty Flandrau" of Kentucky she had married Tilden Selmes just about the time


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