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in expelling the worn out and offensive air from the lungs. The LOCOTENSOR (Tens. Va, . Femoris) has the mental line of stability and is one of the muscles required for standing.

On the shoulder, the DELTOID muscle with its front part raises the hand directly upward, as in taking an oath. Its back part lifts the shoulders in the line of dignity. Holding a bundle in the arms, or a child, requires the use of the BICEPS muscle with parts of the PECTORIS marked "parenity" and


The TRICEPS muscle (not the BICEPS) is the muscle for striking. The blacksmith and carpenter require this large. It is evident that the various kinds of labor call into action diffe ent sets of muscles and therefore different groups of mental faculties. Each kind of labor then has its specific effect on mental culture.

The central line and focus of the PECTORIS muscle is marked in front with a star, the B or breast focus. On the back, the corresponding line of the TRAPEZIUS is marked with a cross, as the heart focus. Lower down on the back a cross marks the focus of action for the lower limbs. These two balance on the minor axis, passing through the stomach, solar plexus, liver, spleen and pancreas. Hence movements of the upper and the lower limbs together react on the central organs of nutrition and stimulate the appetite.

We are to look upon every muscle, every pai t of the body, as vitalized by the faculties of the soul ; it is pervaded by our spiritual life, as its sympathetic and responsive instrument. Back of every muscular

movement there must be a thought, an emotion and a purpose of the soul. And this vital law explains why, if we wish a sound and permanent culture of the muscles, actual labors, with definite products in view, are far superior to any possible system of athletics or gymnastics. The latter use the body without much use of the brain. They violate a basic law of organic unity. They give spasmodic and not enduring strength.


that will remain of gymnastic exercises in a true system of education. Normal gestures follow the line of the brain-fibers, as we may see from studying the chart. And this law governs the vocal gestures as well as the movements of the limbs, the trunk and the expressions of the face. The inflections of the voice follow the mimetic law. And each vocal sound is a gesture of the mouth, made by moving some parts of the mouth in the line of some brain organ. And these lines give us the natural meaning of each sound as embodied in the Vesona or universal language.

The brain movements were finally demonstrated by the experiments of Ferrier, and published in his "Functions of the Brain, " 1876. These were mad chiefly on the brains of monkeys, dogs, cats and birds. Currents of electricity were applied to different parts of the brain and the resulting movements carefully noted. Eminent physiologists of Europe and America have repeated, and indorsed the validity, of these experiments. The movements thus elicited were GESTURES, always taking the line of the brain organ excited. The engraving on page 156 gives

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