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At last justice, Love and Wisdom will sit triumphant in the halls of state.

ORGANIZED INDUSTRIES must, of necessity, include all of the twelve departments. In looking at the tables we see that some form of labor belongs to each one of these. We name a single department as that of Industry, giving names to the others that may indicate their chief employments. The laws of Production apply to them all. The department of Letters produces books and newspapers; that of the Home produces food. So long as human beings have all of the twelve groups of faculties, just so long will they need all of these twelve departments.

Can we organize Production and Distribution, Collective Ownershp and Universal employment without arranging these other departments, leaving them for the spontaneous action of the people at some time in the near future? Can we not put a single issue before the public, a simple platform that only includes the Economic demands, as the pressing needs of the present? The decisive answer to this is easily made. A true system of Economics, the production and use of commodities, requires work which properly belongs to every one o f these twelve departments. And it cannot be done with the present machinery of government, in either Britain or America.

Suppose for a moment that a socialist party could come into power. It would stand face to face with all of these problems ; it must deal with them or ignore them. To ignore them would be to confess itself impotent before living issues.

It would need to reorganize the national postoffice department so that it would include the

telegraph, telephone and messenger sub-departments. For these are now to be under government control. They would need to rebuild or change the interior arrangement of every post-office in the United States. Each would need new officers, familiar with these two new kinds of work.

In harmonism we have placed these as part of the department of religion, with the courier at their head. They are used to unite the thoughts and feelings of the people throughout states and nations; but the responsive unity of thought and feeling is an essential part of true religion. We cannot ignore universal wants.

The socialists would need to reorganize the navy department, for now it only includes war vessels and not those engaged in commerce. They would need to make over the department of agriculture; now it is merely nominal and has no provisions for supervising the agriculture of the nation.

And so of each of the few departments now in the national government. Each must be remodeled and new ones added. To nationalize the system of schools would save many millions of dollars annually. In the fifth chapter we have proved that the fundamental plan of our schools must be changed or they cannot be adapted to a true education, such as must exist in a new social order.

We believe that it is the part of practical wisdom to know beforehand what changes are needed in the social structure and to set these honestly and fairly before the people. The task of reconstruction will be great and far reaching in its results. But it is not difficult to understand and to accomplish.

The people are now accustomed to a complex social

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