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A band may commence with only seven officers. These are the center, or president; the pastor, recorder, costumist, sanatist, conductor and economist. These seven form the Board of Trustees and Directors. But it is best to have the twelve officers, one for each department, as shown below in the table. The officers are in pairs, the first male and the second female. The center-may be of either sex, except in the national and unational bands.

The times of election are given in the second chapter. These fraternal bands are in seven ranks, the culture bands, primary bands, the city, county, state, nation and internation, or unation.

CENTER OR PRESIDENT-Presiding, supervision and unity.

RELIGION. Pastor-Rites, relief and messages. 1\'IARRIAGE. Matron-Grouping, marriages, heredity.

LEARNING. Recorder-Records, music, publishing. ARTS. Costumist-Designs, costume, decorations. CULTURE. Receptor-Receptions, reform, the


SCIENCE. Seeress-Social science, esthetics, inventions.

FAMILISM. Conductor-Schools, children, festivals. THE HoNIE. Sanatist-Health, house and temperance.

INDUSTRY. Justice-Employment, judgment, equity.

RULERSHIp. Elector-Elections, training, displays. COMMERCE. Engineer-Travel, buildings, work. WEALTH. Economist-Stores, expenses, exchanges.


1st. The constitution must be based on the collective wants of man, with these represented in the twelve departments of the home, the arts, letters, science, culture, marriage, religion, familism, rulership, industry, wealth and commerce.

2d. Artistic homes for all, public sanitation and systematic earth culture.

3d. Social events and dates, such as elections, installations, etc., must be in unity with the natural periods of years, months and cycles.

4th. The officers and work of society must be dual or allotted equally and properly to the two sexes. Marriage laws must be national and thus uniform, and marriage be based upon love and adaptation.

5th. Science as the measure of truth, its universal diffusion, with the promotion and protection of scientific discoveries and inventions.

6th. The grouping of members in departments and work must give each one a free choice according to characters, tastes and capacities.

7th. Equity, unity and peace between all nations. Religion as the responsive unity of all life, with its laws in the nature of man, and proved by the methods of science.

8th. The schools must include the systematic daily culture of all the mental faculties, through appropriate studies, plays and labors; and there must he a true care and providence for children.

9th. Organized industries and universal employment, securing to all persons the full average results of their labor, with assurance against accident and want.

10th. Collective ownership by the people of all public utilities, of all things of collective use, and private ownership only for things of private or personal use.

11th. The establishment of highways and commerce, the distribution and exchange of all products, to be based upon actual wants, present or prospective, throughout the nation.

12th. All officers must be elected, or impeached and deposed by a direct and free vote of those they are to officially represent. All laws, public measures and inventions to be adopted by a vote of the people through a referendum.

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