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adapted to morning and informal use than the George IV, and is generally drawn by ponies from fourteen three to fifteen hands high.

While there are several other phaetons for ladies' use, there seem to be none suited to park work, and which may be considered standard, except these two.

It may be well to state iii connection with the full mail and George IN' phaetons, that they are very expensive carriages, and there being comparatively few persons owning stables which would admit of their use, they will be found difficult to dispose of except at a very great sacrifice. Such, in filet, is the case with most of the carriages which re(luire a treatment out of the general run in order to turn them out successfully.


Under this heading are given photographs of some of the best types of two-wheeled vehicles intended for single-horse driving by an owner.

Tilhin y.

The tilburv (Plates LXIX and LXX) was originally designed by the Hon. Fitzroy Stanhope, and built by a coachbuilder named Tilbury. It is one of the oldest and handsomest two-wheelers in use at the present

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