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time. Unfortunately, for many years it was laid aside, but it has recently been resurrected, and there is no carriage more smart for use with a brilliant goer. The illustrations show both its side and rear views, which seemed necessary in order to exhibit its characteristics in detail. This requires the gig harness, as, in fact, do all the carriages mentioned in the following list, except possibly the skeleton gig.

Stan hope Giq.

Next in order comes the Stanhope gig (Plate LXXI), also designed by the Hon. Fitzroy Stanhope, and on the insistence of Mr. Tilbury it was given his name. The carriage has held its own ever since those early days about the year 1815, and, although not quite as generally used at the present time, always will look proper.

Hooded Gig.

The hooded gig (Plate LXXII) is a dignified vehicle, being practically a Stanhope gig with hood attached.

Park Gate Gig.

The "park gate " gig (Plate LXXIII) is a copy from an old print, and is a very smart vehicle, especially adapted to the small, thickset hackney type of horse.



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