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gracefully about to the top of the second thigh, or pulled so that they do not come below the traces.

The coachman, on all of these grand carriages, should be a large man, somewhat portly, and custom up to the present time advocates his sitting on a raised box. This custom, however, is subject to criticism, for the coachman and footman, sitting, as they do, on such different levels, detract in a measure from the balanced appearance of the equipage. It is to be hoped that a few years' time will show an absence of the driving cushion, even on vehicles of this type.

The footman should be tall and slim, and should be thoroughly well trained. Dummy box coats should never be used, and, ordinarily speaking, it is best not to show the servants' greatcoats, unless it is absolutely necessary that they be carried on account of the weather.

Coupe d'Orsay (Plate XCVI).

This carriage is the French adaptation of the chariot d'Orsay, and while not quite as dignified as the latter carriage, it is nevertheless a formal one and not intended for everyday use.

It should be horsed and harnessed as described for the " C " spring victoria.


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