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The Caleehe (Plate XCV).

This carriage can be classed, as is the chariot d'Orsay, under the heading of " state " in the turning out, as it corresponds in all points with that of the carriage just mentioned.

The example here shown is a most excellent one, for it will be noticed that, although in itself an elaborate carriage, it has no unnecessary decoration, and its lines throughout are easy and graceful.

The Chariot d'Orsaq (Pl(de XCVI).

Here we have a grand carriage which properly belongs to the " state " order. It is not at all suited for use in this democratic country of ours, unless the stable be supplied with a brougham as well. It is intended simply for the most formal calling or for the park.

The general appointments are similar to those of the

C " spring victoria, except that the horses should have more substance, and should wear breechings.

In England, where this carriage can be turned out with servants in powdered wigs and smallclothes, it is customary to use hammercloths and a knifeboard for the footmen, but even there less ostentation is seen to-day than in the past.


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