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existence of all these faculties is admitted at the present day by our leading scientific men and by our literary writers and linguists. But in English we have no single word for sex-love, or for parental love, nor for familism.

A complete social organism will therefore have twelve departments and three officers for each one, as given in the next table. There would also be three central officers. In the table, a sub-department is placed under each officer. Each of these thirty-six admits of divisions into lesser and lesser groups, each under an assistant.

The wife of the marshal acts as an assistant to him and this makes a complete list of forty officers, when the whole is fully organized.

In past times every step in social growth was an attempt to represent some of the social wants. With science to guide us, we may now carry out to completeness that which has been done in a blind and fragmentary way from the earliest ages.


CENTERS-President and Presidess; Marshal.

CULTURE. RECEPTOR, Receptions. CULTIST, Reform. Drauratist, Manners.

SCIENCE. SCIENTIST, Laws. SEERESS, Esthetics. eT rt-isana, Inventions.

LETTERS. RECORDER, Records. CURATOR, Publication. 1Vlusician, Literature.

ARTS. DESIGNER, Designs. COSTUMIST, Costume. Furn isher, Furnishing.

RELIGION. PASTOR, IV, orship. MINISTER, Interchanges. Courier, Messages.

MARRIAGE. RITEMAN, Rites. MATRON, Heredity. Waiter, Luxuries'.

FAMILISM. CONDUCTOR, Schools. GUARDIAN, Amusements. Server, Service.

HOME. PURVEYOR, Foods. MISTRESS, Housework. Sau atis t, Sanitation.

RULERSHIP. RULER, Leaders. ELECTOR, Elections. Ensign, Displays.

LABOR. JUSTICE, Judgment. ORGANIZER, Employment. T/Vatchlnan, Environs.

WEALTH. FOREMAN, Factories. ECONOMIST, Economics. Keeper, Stores.

COMMERCE. ENGINEER, Roads. MERCHANT, Distribution. Tillinan, Fertility.

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