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No INTEREST OR USURY could have any

place in the new order. No person would need to borrow any money. A man wishes to travel, but as the highways have been built and are maintained by surplus public wealth, they belong to all alike, and there are no railway or steamship fares. Besides all that, in harmonism we know that man is a social being, that distant communities need to be linked by the ties of friendship and that an intelligent person is improved by travel. When the man returns, he will be a more valuable member of society than before. What about hotel bills? In the new order they have very few hotels. In every mansion, in every band, there is a department of receptions and the receptor with his assistants is there to receive, assist and entertain guests. Hotels might be required in case of conventions and great gatherings of visitors.

In the human body, if any organ demands more blood than its normal functions require, then we know that the organ is diseased, that something is the matter and it needs attention. And so in the social organism A member might be extravagant or foolish in his demands, but in that case lie has not been wel educated or else not well born. And society itself is at fault. It has not furnished good conditions.

We have left out of our estimate the precious stones, because the cost or price of these has been almost wholly fictitious, hearing no proportion to their actual beauty and value. The larger stones would become the property of the general public, so that all could enjoy them.

When the new order is completely established we shall do away with the use of money, for we shall all

understand the spiritual laws well enough to know the actual wants, mental or physical, of every member; and these wants will be made the basis of distribution. Will not some members be ashamed to make known their wants? They will not. For they will know that their right to do so is a fundamental law and provision of society. They will no more be ashamed than they are now to use the money they get as wages.

Perhaps the mass of Christians believe, as they say, that human beings are too selfish to live in such a state of society as we have described, yet they think that they are fit to go to heaven. Do they think that heaven is a place where Selfishness sits enthroned as supreme director of affairs ? Are they sincere in praying for " God's will to be done on earth as it is in heaven?"

If we are told that "the fundamental cause of social want and misery is human sin and depravity, we shall answer 'yes.' " And the human sins that are most fiercely and sternly denounced in the Bible, from Isaiah down to Christ and James and John, are the oppression of the poor, the burden of taxes, the devouring of widows' houses, the greed of riches and the pride of wealth. It is the rich man who cannot enter the kingdom of God; it is "the rich men, the rulers, the mighty men, who will call on the rocks to hide them from the wrath of the Lamb." If Christians profess to believe the words of Christ, they must be judged by these words.

COMPENSATION. If the various governments, municipal, state or national, assume collective ownership of all public utilities, then we are asked how are

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