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in its full statement includes the twelve great virtues. These arise from the groups o f faculties, each having its dominant virtue, as shown in this chart. Thus in the group of arts, the leading virtue is the love of beauty. In religion it is harmony.

In a similar way we might sum up the spiritual side of the twelve groups in single paragraphs.

ISt SENSATION.Unfolding the seven spiritual senses with

their harmonies.

This is partly seen in the visions of all ages, in telepathy, mesmerism and psvc hic impression. With higher culture these may become reliable and universal.

2d. PERCEPTION.--Eternal types of use, beauty and order with the higher use of all these.

3d. MEMORY.-Cycles of immortality ; renewal of life. Unity with the cosmic cycles.

4th. REFLECTION.-Inspiration and spiritual methods of work; unity with universal laws.

5th. CULTURE.- Unselfish unity in universal brotherhood; unity of all reforms; integral culture.

6th. MARRIAGE.-The dual unity of all creative forces. Purity as the higher use of all powers.

7th. RELIGION.--Responsive unity between all ranks of life, from the ameba tip to the great central life.

8th. FAMIILISM.-Spiritual heredity applied to human advancement ; parental responsibility.

9th. AMBITION.-Aspiration to perfection of life; obedience to natural laws.

Loth. INDusTRY.-Universal justice ; natural rewards and penalties.

I Ith. WEALTH.-Spiritual treasures and gifts; the higher uses of all material conditions.

12th. COMMERCE. Spiritual highways and interchanges. Spiritual equity of the human race,

ONE SYSTEM OF LAws extends its sway from the minute changes in matter to the movements of the everlasting stars. This is the settled conclusion of modern science as it once was the conviction of ancient philosophic speculation. "As in the great, so in the small." If this is true in the realm of physical things, we are justified in thinking that it is equally true in the ascending realms of spiritual existences. We need not search or go outside of man's nature to find the great laws of spiritual harmony.

The legitimate plan of the present volume does not include a systematic statement in detail of the truths of religion. We only aim to sketch their basis, their proper scope, and their chief lines of action.

The scientific men of our day believe that there exist many other series or scales of vibration besides those known in colors, in sounds, heat and other familiar forces. Thus above the scale of seven colors there would be another octave of colors with waves too small to be seen in ordinary conditions of the eye. In some states of mental excitement the rods and cones of the eye become more tense, so that they are set in vibration by these finer waves, and we perceive them as spiritual light. Above the five senses would be the higher series of seven senses. With these higher senses fully developed, the realm of spiritual beings and activities would seem quite as real to men as the coarser physical things do now.

Beauty is truth and utility. For geometry proves to us that every curve in a living object is a product of inner forces, acting with definite ratios. The beauty of plants and animals is therefore an expres-


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