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sion of their actual character. Thus art has its own spiritual foundations.

Passing on, to the faculties of memory, we know that these link the past, the present, and the future into one connected whole of time. They carry forward the stores of experience and wisdom from year to year through all the phases of life. A spiritual or an earthly existence without any faculties of memory would indeed be narrow and poverty stricken, not worth the having. We could neither learn from the past nor hope for the future. In their wider relations these faculties of memory cognize the cycles of personal, national and cosmic life. In the new civilization, both communities and nations will be wise enough to harmonize their affairs in unity with the great cycles. We must remember that these cycles are essential elements in the great system of evolution. The cycles measure the rhythmic sweep of universal progress.

The ancient prophets foretold an era of universal brotherhood, millenniums of unselfish life among all nations. And the most central among all the laws of evolution, as now developed by science, affirms that the unselfish rule of the higher brain faculties will ultimately prevail in both private and public life everywhere on the broad face of the earth. Science now proves that at every advancing step of civilization the mutual dependence between the members of society becomes greater and greater. At last this becomes so complete that the perfect or normal action of each member is possible only when all the other members fill their part. The good of each depends upon the good of all. Thus the most recent

science teaches altruism, the unselfish life, with an emphasis strong as the vast rocks which form the records of geologic history.

Science counts and it measures. More and more the new discoveries are proving that in her vast operations and her lesser movements nature uses a fixed series of numbers-" sacred numbers" the ancients called them. These numbers are fixed in the very nature of things. No one doubts that they rule in the chords of music and color. In the brain all of the faculties respond to each other as thirds, fifths and octaves. In the body, as shown by the engraved measure of man in a previous chapter, the parts respond to each other in three octaves, the base, soprano and tenor. This response is both physiological and spiritual. The hand, for example, is an octave from the breast. And placing the hand upon the breast is one of the impassioned and sweeping gestures of oratory. The relation of the religious faculties to the others is through a series of musical chords. With these facts as a basis, the laws of universal analogy would teach us that the ranks of spiritual beings above man are all governed by the scale of musical chords. The distance of each rank above or below the others would be measured by thirds, fifths or octaves. And these same measures would govern their mutual responses.

If man would put himself in true harmony with the divine life, he must establish these musical chords in the work and life of all the twelve departments of human society. Man will find this an altogether different process from what lie has done through past ages in the name of religious service. This new work

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