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On the Tree of Life, read Henry Gray's "Anatomy," Asa Gray's "Botanies," and Ferguson's "Tree and Serpent Worship," for some of the basic facts.

On Sacred Numbers, read Milo Mahan's "Mystic Numbers," entire; also "The Book of Life."

On the Location of Faculties in the Brain and the Body, the reader may consult Dr. J. F. Gall's work on the "Nervous System," 6 volumes; Combe's "System of Phrenology"; Walker's "Physiognomy," (1839); Well's "Physiogonomy," (1865); Redfield's "Comparative Physiognomy," (1852). Also the experiments and works of Sunderland, Fowler, Buchanan and the Mesmerists, 1837 to 1844, with those of Ferrier in 1872.

The discoveries of Dr. Sivartha were published from 1859 to 1878, in scientific lectures before various learned societies, in pamphlets, newspaper articles, and in editions of "The Book of Life." All these were amply illustrated by charts and paintings "The Book of Life" is a comprehensive, but by no means an exhaustive view, of the whole subject.

The discoveries include, chiefly, the great laws of the Brain Ellipse, reducing all mental action to geometric formulas; the laws of Mental Polarity and chords; the arrangement of the faculties in twelve groups and trinities; the definite plan of the Social Organism; the meaning of the New Jerusalem, the Tree of Life, the Throne with twenty-four rulers, the twelve fold measure of the head, the new astro-science, and the auro spheres with their colors. A multitude of scientific truths, discovered by many masters, are included in the new Science of Man, thus developed. The system of Integral Education and the Vesona or Universal Language, are logical outgrowths from these discoveries.

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